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Mount Olive Christian Fellowship

Historical Synopsis

It was the beginning of a body of believers, whose single desire was to give unto the Lord the glory due His Name; and to worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness.

The first meeting to form the new church was held on 6 December 1985. Then on 12 December 1985, the hand of God moved and a building was located to hold a worship service. Now the question was who will lead this flock of believers and what name would be given to the new church.

At the meeting held on 18 December 1985, the following was decided and agreed upon:

In 1986, a bid was entered to purchase the building located at 2401 6th Ave North, currently owned by the United Methodist Church. The bid was accepted and the subsequent purchase was completed on 9 September 1986. The dedication of the building now bearing the name, Mount Olive Christian Fellowship, was held on 12 October 1986 for God to utilize for His own purposes.

Reverend Phillip Caldwell served as Senior Pastor for nearly 24 years, and shepherded the church to serve as a place of worship, training and learning in God’s word for the Great Fall, MT community.

On 9 August 2009, in a "passing of the baton" ceremony, Reverend Andre Murphy was installed as Senior Pastor.

Reverend Caldwell now bears the designation of Pastor Emeritus.

Throughout the years, Mount Olive has become synonymous with community and diversity in Great Falls, Montana. By following God’s direction, Mount Olive has stayed true to its vision; thereby, welcoming hundreds of families (including Air Force families stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base) who have made Mount Olive their church home.